The Press Conference

Today, on 16th May at the University of Travnik, the Press Conference was organized. The main aim was to present the Introduction Conference on “Competences in Early Childhood Education and Care” which will be held on 18th and 19th May.

The presenters were Professor Amra Tuzovic, Head of the Expert Team, Hazim Selimovic, Dean of the Faculty of Education and Selma Seta, International Office Coordinator.

On behalf of the University of Travnik, presenters wished a warm welcome to all participants. They briefly presented the Agenda of the Introduction Conference and stressed out that all stakeholder representatives in the field of preschool education will be presented at this important event: representatives of the education policies, parents, preschool teachers.

The main aim of the Conference is to present the reports on preschool teacher education in BH, as well as to present the reports on stakeholder analysis in Early Childhood Education and Care in BH.

More information about the Introduction Conference can be found in the Agenda of the Conference.